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The Nathanael G. Herreshoff Trophy is US SAILING’s most prestigious award. Donated in 1957 by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, it is awarded each year to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the sport of sailing in this country in any associated activity.

Capt. Herreshoff, one of the first inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame, was one of the preeminent marine designers and builders of his time, a mechanical genius with a love for boats. His success in the varied aspects in the industry earned him the nickname “The Wizard of Bristol.”

The recipient of this award is selected by US Sailing's Board of Directors from nominations made by members of the Board, Committee Chairs, past Presidents and Counselors of Honor. The selection process is administered by the Secretary, who solicits written nominations during the month of August.

Nathanael G. Herreshoff Trophy Winners


1957 Henry Sears
1958 Henry S. Morgan
1960 George D. O’Day
1961 James N. Trenary
1962 Julian K. Roosevelt
1963 R.S. Stevenson
1964 Olin J. Stephens, II
1965 Leonard Mumm Fowle
1966 Allegra Knapp Mertz
1967 Everett B. Morris
1968 Harold Sterling Vanderbuilt
1969 Paul H. Smart
1970 F. Gregg Bemis
1971 J. Amory Jefferies
1972 Harry C. Melges, Jr.
1973 George Hinman
1974 William S. Cox
1975 Robert N. Bavier, Jr.
1976 Cornelius Shields
1977 W. Van Alan Clark, Jr.
1978 Theodore E. Tolson, Jr.
1979 Henry H. Anderson, Jr.
1980 Patrick E. Haggarty
1981 Roger W. Brett
1982 Richard S. Latham
1983 Harman Hawkins
1984 Samuel V. Merrick
1985 Arthur Knapp, Jr.
1986 Lynn G. Stedman, Jr.
1987 Mark Baxter *
1988 Dick McCurdy
1989 James M. Schoonmaker, II
1990 Charles M. Kober
1991 William H. Lynn *
1992 Timothea S. Larr
1993 C. Gaither Scott
1994 William Bentsen
1995 Cy Gillette
1996 Helen Ingerson
1997 Frederick D. King *
1998 Arthur J. Wullschleger
1999 Gary Jobson
2000 Carl Eichenlaub
2001 Andrew Kostanecki
2002 Faye R. Bennet
2003 Bill Martin
2004 Not Presented
2005 Lawrence A. White
2006 Susie Trotman
2007 Bob Hobbs
2008 Roy E. Disney
2009 Terry Kohler
2010 James P. Muldoon
2011 David D. Rosekrans
2012 Dick Rose

* awarded posthumously


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