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STEM Sailing - Learning Math & Science through Sailing at the National Sailing Hall of Fame

STEM Sailing:
Learning Math & Science Through Sailing

The STEM Sailing Initiative is a significant part of the National Sailing Hall of Fame's mission to engage sailing's next generation. The STEM Sailing Initiative makes an important contribution to the national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) program, thereby enhancing the future workforce for the research, engineering and high-tech industries in the United States.




Super Sails!

For 5th Grade

Students will:
  • Gain an understanding of history, purpose and science of sailboat design and sail design
  • Apply these concepts to design, build and test their own sailboat
Timing: 45 to 60-minute sessions that can be presented in 8-12 segments.



The Science of Sailing

For High School

Students will:
  • Gain an understanding of physics and mathematics concepts in the Science of Sailing
  • Apply these concepts to designing a sailboat
Timing: Eight 90-minute sessions (can alternatively be presented in 16 45-minute or 24 30-minute segments).




For High School

 Students will:
  • Gain an understanding of the mathematics concepts involved in chart plotting and navigation
  • Learn basic principles of navigation
Each of these lessons are a 90 minute lesson plan. They can be broken down fairly easily into two 45-minute plans.

STEM Sailing's
Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National Consortium

educ07-btn In our Consortium, Educators from all around the country can collaborate - virtually and in person - with scientists, engineers, sailing and marine industry professionals to discover, develop and implement new ways to use sailing as a vehicle to teach lessons and skills that relate directly to core curriculum goals.

Additional Resources for Educators


From partnerships with local schools, to after-school programs that engage troubled youth, and much more. This is where we provide case studies, weblinks and other resources to give educators ideas, plans and connections to use the Sailing community to help them achieve their Math & Science learning objectives.

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