Rosenfeld, Morris "Rosy" - 2013 Hall of Fame

"Rosy" Rosenfeld

Morris Rosenfeld

“I always leave one plate unexposed in case something happens on the way home.”

February 16, 1885 – September 21, 1968
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
U.S. Citizen: July 28, 1904 Brooklyn, New York

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Larr, Timothea "Timmy"- 2013 Hall of Fame

"Timmy" Larr

Timmy Larr

“I don’t look backwards or keep records – I look ahead.”

June 1, 1940 —
Birthplace: Oyster Bay, New York

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Buchan, Bill - 2013 Hall of Fame

William Eastman
"Bill" Buchan

William Eastman Buchan

“Why should I quit Star sailing? I wouldn’t have my friends.”

May 9, 1935 — 
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

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Walker, Stuart "Stu", M.D. - 2013 Hall of Fame

Stuart Hodge
"Stu" Walker, M.D.

Stuart Walker

“There are many who, in sailing, are reminded of symbolic conflicts with 'father,' or 'brother' and who, in an impasse between stimulated desire to defeat him and a guilty concern that they might, alternate between pressing on to victory and deliberate self-destruction.”
— From Winning: The Psychology of Competition

April 19, 1923 — November 12, 2018
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

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Alden, John Gale - 2013 Hall of Fame

John Gale Alden

John Gale Alden

“I was very much in love with a vessel that sails on her bottom, not on her beam ends.”

January 24, 1884 – March 3, 1962
Birthplace: Troy, New York

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