34th America's Cup

The Science Behind the AC72 - Apparent Wind

Video. About 3 minutes.

AC72science-apparentwind-poster The AC72s raced in the 34th America's Cup can go faster than the wind, which means they make their own wind. This changes all the conventional tactics surrounding a difficult to understand facet of sailing - apparent wind. This video helps break down the science involved with apparent wind, and then explains how the AC72s change the game.

The Science Behind the 34th America's Cup - Liveline TV Graphics

Video. About 3 minutes.

AC34-liveline-poster The AC Liveline graphics are a technology breakthrough for this Americas Cup, providing real time graphics embedded in the live broadcast from a helicopter following the race. The race yachts carry a sophisticated tracking and telemetry system. The military grade GPS tracks the boats accurately to 2 cm, enabling the AC Liveline computer graphics to be created on shore. AC UNCUT reporter Genny Tulloch goes behind the scenes with Stan Honey, Ken Milnes and the LiveLine team.

The Science Behind the AC72 - Crew Physical Fitness

Video. About 3 minutes.

AC72science-physical-poster The AC72 catamarans used in the 34th America's Cup are incredibly fast, and their powerful rigs and foiling techniques also make incredible demands on the physical and mental stamina of the athletes that crew these high-tech beasts. This short video takes a look at the training science used to get and keep these sailors in winning athletic condition. On these boat, fitness is not just needed to win; it's also a safety requirement.

The Science Behind the AC72 Wing Sails

Video. About 3 minutes.

AC72wingsail-poster The boats used in the 34th America's Cup - AC72s - are giant catamarans with a revolutionary 40 meter (131 foot) wing sail that is about the same size as a jumbo jetliner's wing. The technology of these sails allows the trimmer to power up the boat so it can fly 3X faster than the speed of the wind.

The Science Behind the AC72 Foils

Video. About 3 minutes.

AC72foils-poster In the 34th America's Cup, the AC72 class catamarans can fly - literally - at speeds close to 50 miles per hour. This short video, produced by the America's Cup, explores the science behind the foils that turn these already fast giant race cats into turbocharged extreme speed demons, and the cutting-edge engineering technology that makes it possible.


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