Tom Morris Library

Tom Morris Library Contributors

These generous donors to the Tom Morris Library Campaign are helping to create a comprehensive library housing titles on Sailing and American Sailors. Named after Maine boatbuilder Tom Morris, founder of Morris Yachts, the Tom Morris Library is accessible to everyong, both in person at the National Sailing Hall of Fame in Annapolis, and virtually through the Tom Morris Library page on this website.

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Mary and Dan Dent Fund


The Family of Thomas D. C. Morris


Mark Ellman
Penelope P. Harris
Ulf and Betsy Heide
William B. Morris


Gibson Island Yacht Squadron
Maryland Club Yacht Squadron
Phyllis Wright


Clinton Daly
Charles McCoy
Kathe Gates McCoy


David H. and Katherine W. Donnan
Temple Grassi
Joseph Hoopes
Henry H. Hopkins
Pat and Beth Patterson


Max Blumenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Gogolak
Nancy MaGuire Gray
Charles and Irene Hamm
Christopher G. Scott
Jim and Bonnie Van Alen II


Susanna Porter & James M. Clark Jr.
John Wilmerding


Kevit and Gail Cook
Ford and Bryan Draper
Steve and Nancy Homer
David and Sheila Manischewitz
Nick Sloan

Book and Film Donations

Don Backe Collection
William Bentsen Collection
Doug Croker Collection
Walter Cronkite Collection
Larry Herbster Colleciton
Gary Jobson Collection
Paul Klein-Itzel Collection
James Parker Nolan Collection
Diane M. Rosen Collection
Hank Spector Collecction
Joan Sterling Collection
Peter Trogden Collection
Paul Van der Slice Collection
Harvey Walters Collection


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